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Trial Review Tuesday 6/18/2019

Turns with Multiple Options; Small and Medium Analysis

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What is "Run with Joy"?

When you and your dog run a great course together, both of you feel a remarkable joy that you usually don't find sitting on a couch or walking around the block.

At Bad Dog Agility, we believe that every handler-dog team travels on a different agility journey. It's up to you to understand your personal motivation to compete and create your own agility goals. More importantly, no matter what those goals are, we're here to help you RUN WITH JOY!

For the entire month of June, we are sharing several live presentations online to help you get better at the sport you and your dog love. We will post replays of our presentations here on this page so you can find them easily.

We have just opened enrollment in the Bad Dog Agility VIP Program, a comprehensive, easy-to-use online learning experience for the dog agility enthusiast. From now until 11:59pm July 1st, YOU can join hundreds of other handlers who make the VIP program the next step in their agility journey. The VIP Program was designed to help every competitor excel in the sport, capture the joy of training and competition, and achieve the goals they set for themselves and their dog.